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Mamma Mia - multicultural maternity group

Dear new mum og mum-to-be with either Danish og other ethnical background.

Læs nedenstående tekst på dansk her.

If you are expecting a child or have recently given birth, we would like to invite you and your MammaMia værtinder"baby bump" or your new bundle-of-joy to be part of a multicultural and international maternity. The maternity group is for women who are either either pregnant or have a child under the age of 12 months. The majority of the women in the group live in the municipality of Hillerød, so you have the opportunity to strengthen your local network with like-minded mothers on maternity leave.

The new season starts Tuesday the 10th of October with the the hostesses Lilly and Sahara and with grandmother Liz.

Sahar Ismail is a first-time Mamma Mia hostess. She lives in Hillerød with her husband and together they have a two-year-old son named Noah. She has an education as a social worker. Sahar is of arab descent. She sees Mamma Mia as an open opportunity for mothers, who wish to strengthen their network and have during their maternity leave.

Lilly Mathisen is a Mamma Mia hostess for the second time. She is from Norway but have lived Denmark since 2005. Liilly has a daughter, Hannah, who is 4 years old and was born in Denmark. Lilly has an education in childcare and has worked with children of all ages. Currently she is an intern at Frivilligcenter Hillerød(Hillerød Volunteer Center), where she is a ”house elf” and works in the reception.

In addition to the two hostesses, grandmother Liz will be there. She is from England and have been involved in Mamma Mia for four years. She takes care that everybody feels comfortably.

The group meets every Tuesday from 11:15 am to 14:00 pm for 10 to 12 weeks. The program consists of presentations relevant for soon-to-be and new mothers, and will be adjusted if need arises. The program may include visits from a healthcare nurse and a midwife and an excursion to the children’s section of the library, for example.

If you want to know more, please contact the Mamma Mia hostesses at or contact center manager Anette Nielsen at

Download our pamphlet (PDF).

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In 2009-20010 Mamma Mia Maternity groups were formed in different parts of Denmark to promote friendship between mothers and children across national, cultural, linguistic and religious boundaries.

Mamma Mia has existed in Hillerød since 2010. We usually form a new Mamma Mia group in September and one in February. You are welcome to join the group in the middle of a season.

If you wish to support the Mamma Mia maternity group as a future hostess, please contact Center Manager Anette Nielsen for more information and to set up a meeting.

Watch a feature about Mamma Mia from 2014 on TV Nordsjælland. You'll find it 5 minutes into the broadcast.